From stigma to a start-up

Back in college, during a regular sit-in-the-cafe conversation with her friends faced with the question “was it possible to masturbate too much?”. Much to her surprise, not only did it instigate a strange sense of awkwardness from the men but even the women hesitated in opining. Then and there she realised the enormity of the issue that had to be grappled with. Came along also a chilling realisation- female masturbation and pleasure positivity is an untouched stigma that engulfs our society in its firm and suffocating tentacles. Since then, she has dedicated a part of her time in spreading awareness and making masturbation a much versed topic in our everyday conversations and dialogues.

The next realisation came at a rather unexpected and gleeful moment (much like the orgasm that followed afterwards) when the hostel warden walked-in on her masturbating and asked, “Beta, are you in great pain?” Though it was a welcome misunderstanding at the time, it came with a nauseating cognisance. In a similar fashion, when Amazon was marketing dildos as head massagers, she concluded that the extent of the problem is much larger than expected and something had to be done!

Cut to 2020, Aastha sought for a bigger platform from where she can normalise this conversation and speak-up about pleasure positivity to a far-reached audience. And this incubation of ideas gave birth to Manzuri, a platform that spreads awareness about female hygiene, sexual comfort, body positivity, menstrual health, and female pleasure. In an effort to fill a long and persisting societal gap, Manzuri has ushered in a first-time ever extensive range of comfortable pleasure and hygiene positivity products that addresses the needs and desires of women of all shapes and sizes 

She believes that in any society, woman and man should always be provided an equal pedestal, without etching any sense of discomfort, consciousness or hesitation. And, Manzuri is one such attempt to correct the deepening gaps between genders. 


Who are we and what do we do?

Women of Manzuri. WoManzuri. WeManzuri.

We stand to empower, educate and entitle women of their rights and freedom. We, at Manzuri, are on a mission to spread a word about pleasure positivity. With this, we aim to educate and normalise conversations in and around female hygiene, menstruation, sexual hygiene and bodily comfort. By providing an extensive range of pleasure positivity products, we aim to offer a little something for women of all kinds, rightly as per their preferences, comfort and choices.


What is Manzuri?

Ten thousand splendid rubs. Yes, you read that right.

Manzuri is derived from a Japanese word that literally translates to ‘female masturbation’. Harnessing its roots from an existing word Senzuri (male masturbation) which also means ‘thousand rubs’, Manzuri translates to ‘ten thousand rubs’ because well, the more the merrier, right? 

Manzuri is a brand promoting pleasure positivity for women. A start-up that is run by women, for women, to promote the idea that our skin deserves all kinds of love and not just the one emanating from a partner. We are capable of loving, enjoying and pleasing our own bodies.The 


What sets us apart (along with creatives)

  1. Discreet packaging 
  2. Built on feedback
  3. Seedy delivery
  4. Easy returns



We’ll know we’re successful not through skyrocketing numbers but if we manage to build an inclusive community of customers who cares for us as deeply as we care for them. Keep coming back to us and tell us what you love, there’s nothing that makes us happier!




 Despite endless struggles, women are still deprived of their rights to please their bodies. Often, we are made to shush our voices when it comes to discussion on the topics related to female masturbation. To this, add a layer of lack of awareness, understanding and social stigmas, and, we have a perfect recipe for disaster. This is where we felt the need step in and feel obligated to contribute or as we call it- cliterate you!

We wish to normalise females to feel confident to please their bodies without being subjected to the scrutinizing slut-shaming narrative.


Brain behind Manzuri

It often takes just one experience to change how you see things around. The lens of perception is beyond any systematic explanation, rather it’s a detailed observation. And exactly like they say, just one experience, and it changed things for our founder for a lifetime.

Aastha Vohra, a bold Delhi-based girl is the brain behind Manzuri. Hailing from a house that is open to discussions which are often seen as a taboo in most of the other households of the country, she has always been strong in vocalizing her opinions on issues that ail the female clout.