Penis Sleeves males and other penis-owners

Penis extension sleeves give you extra length, girth, or a bit of both. With a realistic penis extender, you can enhance penetration and pleasure with something that feels natural and comfortable, or add some extra stimulation with a vibrating penis sleeve. Roll your sleeves up and get stuck into our amazing range of cock sleeves and penis extenders!


Manzuri Crystal Condom


2,000.00 499.00

C*** Extension Penis Sleeve – Skin Pink



Happy Hulk – Premium Strap on Vibrating Dildo



C*** Extension Penis Sleeve – with Vibration


2,900.00 1,799.00

Dong – The curved strap on dildo


5,999.00 3,999.00

Salad Condoms Pack of 10


110.00 91.00

The Darth Vader-realistic penis sleeve



C*** Extension Penis Sleeve – Black


3,399.00 1,599.00

Quick Release Cock Cage


1,499.00 799.00

The Master Extender Penis Sleeve


1,499.00 1,199.00

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Penis Sleeves and Penis Extenders Online for Men

At Manzuri we want to maximise your pleasure in order to allow you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Our range of sex toys for men are designed to help you get acquainted with your body and its needs without any shame or anyone else’s help.  Our line of penis sleeves serves to introduce you to a wider range of sensations in bed.

Our range of cock sleeves and extenders also serve as useful alternatives for those facing intimacy issues.

Cock extenders/penis sleeves can help you maintain an erection for longer and help with erectile dysfunction, not to mention add texture (and length if you want it) to make you feel twice as good! Some penis extenders also come with a vibrating feature that adds to the sensation felt not just by the wearer but also the recipient.

Cock extenders for couples allow men with ED to engage in penetrative sex while adding girth and length for their partner. Using a masturbation sleeve can also help with issues of premature ejaculation, by helping men train themselves to last longer. And our crystal condom is reusable!

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Some things you might want to consider before purchasing a penis extender:

The Texture: There are different types of textures when it comes to penis sleeves, dotted or veins or just the classic simple ones. The fun part is some penis sleeves have textures on the inside too, this way you and your partner can enjoy the sensation.

The Size: Cock sleeves come in all different sizes, both length and girth. If you wish, you can make this decision after talking to your partner.

The Types: There are penis sheaths that cover the penis completely and there are ones that cover the penis partially. When using a completely covered penis extender it is hard for the wearer to feel any sensation, this is why some penis covers vibrate, this way you are not missing out on anything.

Explore Our Extensive and Affordable Range of Male Sex Toys

We believe in self-pleasure supremacy, and definitely don’t discriminate! If there are so many sex toys available for women, why not for men? Gone are the days when sex toys were only for women. At Manzuri we have an extensive range of sex toys for men, adult products for women, as well as sex toys for couples and for the LGBTQ community.

We provide automatic masturbation toys for men such as fleshlights of various types and sizes to suit you!

Anal plugs, cock rings, cock sleeves- you name it, we have it, curated especially for you. These sex toys are designed keeping men’s pleasure in mind. We have a variety of male adult products to appeal to and please every one of you.

We also understand that the experience of buying a sex toy is something that is better in real life, but that’s why we’re here – To make this process a piece of cake! We have detailed descriptions and how-to manuals alongside each product- to assist you in the best possible way and help you make an informed decision.

Spice Up Your Sex Life with Our Sex Toys for Couples

Adding a sex toy can be exciting for both partners, giving you the opportunity to try more things together. Moreover, since most women can’t orgasm from just penetration sex toys only serve to make their experience more enjoyable! Did we mention that these penis extenders/penis sleeves can vibrate- leading to combined in-sync orgasms? With our range of wireless eggs vibrators, foreplay starts at dinner and ends in the bedroom! Explore your kinks or add to the foreplay with our bondage kits and sex dice– what are you waiting for? Get your kink on!

Manzuri is the Safest One-Stop-Shop for Sex Toys, Intimate Care and All Things Sexual Wellness!

Buying a sex toy in a conservative society can be a task, but at Manzuri we want to make this process as easy as it can be. From offering you cash on delivery, and ensuring the most discreet packaging to attaching manuals- we’ve got you covered from the point of purchase to the point of pleasure! We only use body-safe silicone and have a rigorous testing mechanism to ensure only the best and safest experience for our customers. We even have the option of gift cards, to ensure your present always leads to pleasure!

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We’re so glad you asked for the most pleasurable and safest experience, clean your sex toy before and after each use.

Not at all! Using a sex toy can actually improve your sex life by helping with issues like ED and premature ejaculation. Sex toys lead to more orgasms as well which means they can have auxiliary benefits like mood-boosting, pelvic floor toning and so on!

We, at Manzuri, provide the best quality sex toys in India. We understand that trust and authenticity are the most important factors while buying a sex toy online in India. That is why everything is transparent on our website. We have detailed descriptions and how-to manuals for every sex toy so that you can make an informed decision and we are happy to assist you whenever you need it.

Because we are the #1 Online Sex Toy Store in India, we take precautions to pick brands that offer durable products, great warranty support and excel at giving the user the best available experience for the price paid. This allows us to offer you a great sales and warranty policy and allows us to stand by our brands and what we have to offer.